About (continued)


The next logical step was to develop a medium to test this ad delivery system. Streaming content and news content had been growing in popularity in 1998. Thus, working with my family we took what we were good at and came up with the idea that by developing a news content site with streaming content that would normally be available only through a standard radio station we could develop this ad targeting concept. This gave rise to what we preliminarily called iBN (Internet Broadcast Network) and iTargeting. After further development and gathering initial funds to grow the concepts into reality it was later called WIBN (World Internet Broadcast Network) and the means by which we were going to test iTargeting was mycityradio.com.

In 2000, a local Vancouver junior mining company pumped investment money into the company. The cash allowed the concept that had only been written in code and an drawn on white boards to become a physical reality. mycityradio.com grew wings and was ready to fly, unfortunately the investors had very poor longterm goals and those involved in WIBN and mycityradio.com lost site of the concept. The company ran into alot of politics between investors and employees and basically tore itself apart. The other mitigating factor was the dot com bubble burst, sending fear into the technology sector.

In 2001, I moved on. I sought out a career that pretained more to my university education, which meant heading back to school again. While at school I worked on the odd website, did some graphic layout work. Eventually I graduated, found a great job doing some extremely interesting work. The only thing that hasn't changed is my interest in building websites. Something about taking an idea, building a mock-up and turning concepts into reality. In my spare time I mock-up sites, practice techniques, and build graphics just to see if I can.